Sunday, April 20, 2008 : First Tooth Out

gappy (33k image)

At last, after what seemed like weeks, Taylors wobbly tooth finally came out this evening. He rushed downstairs to tell us all. He didn't seem to be able to get to sleep, playing with the wobbly tooth since he went to bed nearly 2 hours ago.

As he is now 7 years old, he was very worried that none of his teeth were going to fall out, and he would end up having his baby teeth when he was an adult. At least he wont have that problem with the front tooth! Wonder how much the Tooth Fairy is going to leave him.

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Sunday, March 11, 2007 : Elias' Trifle

This morning, Taylor came into our bedroom to play, a Sunday morning, having got himself some breakfast. A few weeks back, he won an SPD Gun on eBay, and was forever asking us if it had arrived, every afternoon when we picked him up from school. Luckily for our sanity, it arrived (from Hong Kong) on Friday.

He came over to the bed with his gun, and said "Right I'm going to shoot you". He then told us that his friend Elias had a trifle, a real one with bullets and everything. Having stopped laughing, I asked Taylor if he knew what a trifle looked like, and he said no, so I looked one up on Google Images for him. It wasn't quite what he was expecting. All I can think of now is Elias going around shooting people with his trifle !!! I think he meant rifle, but he is still calling it a trifle :D

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Sunday, November 13, 2005 : Big Boy School

I haven't written for ages, because there is so much going on at the moment. More recently the big event has been Taylor and Robyn starting Big Boy (and Girl) school. Taylor started at Roke this September, and Robyn started at Atwood. They are both enjoying it as far as we can tell. Taylor gets to walk to school with me, which takes 20 minutes, and the walk home with me on my own takes 15 minutes :-) Taylor always thinks that the walk home for me is boring because I don't have anyone to talk to, but I listen to podcasts on my iPod so I am happy :)

This is what his school uniform is meant to look like, this was taken on his first day with my camera phone, so please excuse the quality. He normally looks close to this when he arrives at school these days, but it is never quite as smart as the first day !!

Roke School (13k image)

More photos to come now I have got some new backdrops for my camera. I suspect Lyn will want to upload a photo of Robyn at some point also. Check back again soon.

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Thursday, July 14, 2005 : Last Sports Day

IMG_2139 (40k image)

It was Taylor and Robyns last Sports Day yesterday. Taylor was in the first race, (as was Robyn) and having done our warmups, and focussed all his attention on not stopping on the finish line, and actually continuing straight through it, he came First Place. We were ever so proud of him.

Then later on it was the Daddies race, and so little old me, went and joined all the 6' daddies on the starting line, and ran for all I was worth. I think the warm ups paid off, as I came First Place as well, and won a certificate. It was a great memory to have of the last Nursery Sports Day

race (54k image)

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Sunday, October 31, 2004 : Halloween 2004

Happy Halloween to One and All.

For the first time ever, I cut out a pumpkin to Taylors design. They are a lot thicker walled than I had ever thought they would be. So what do you think of my first ever effort?

pumpkin (17k image)

We decided to go out trick or treating tonight, and it seems that it is becoming a lot more popular in this country now. We only walked down 5 streets nearby to us, and both Taylor and Robyn came home with bulging bags of sweets. Should keep them going till at least the middle of the week.

vampire (41k image)

Taylor was dressed as a Vampire, and Robyn as a Devil, although she kept pointing out to everyone that she was a "nice" devil. :D - They are both going to a Halloween Party tomorrow, so there may be some more photos to come.

In other news, Taylor has come on in leaps and bounds with his bike riding. A couple of months ago he asked me to take off the stabalisers, "like all the big boys" - which I did, and after a couple of trips out, he was managing to ride it quite well. Since then, he is a fantastic rider for his age. We go to the Kenley Aerodrome to ride (including myself and Clare !!) and today managed to get all the way around, which is quite a distance. I'm not sure who got the most exercise, Taylor or us. Photos to follow soon.

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Monday, August 9, 2004 : Hastings and Bikes

It has been a VERY busy weekend.

hastings1 (12k image)

It has been one of those weekends when there was no time to stop and just relax. It was a weekend that I was not working, which is always a bad sign, as I end up spending a fortune. Clare has all these ideas of what we can do, and they all cost money. This weekend was no exception.

After Taylors trampolining, Clare and I actually had a day to ourselves on Saturday, as Taylor spent it with Grampie and Grannie. So we took the oportunity to go over to Guildford, shopping. We stopped off at Gomshall Mill, which used to be a tearoom, in the days when I performed there with Clive and others on a Thursday night. It was since sold on, and has become a really nice restaurant/pub now. We had a great meal there, outside in the sun, with all the wasps and bees that joined to share our meal.

Guildford provided a new K700i mobile phone for me (Clares upgrade, but she has ended up with my old phone), along with a few new clothes. The photos on this page were taken with the new phone, I must say the quality is much better than my last phone, although still doesn't match up to my digital still camera. We tried to spend some vouchers in Allders, but they had a very limited choice, and we were unable to find anything we liked.

We then came home and went out to the White Bear with Grannie, Grampie, Lyn and Robyn for a drink. Taylor and Robyn managed to make some friends, do a puppet and magic show, and "borrow" a football from these two boys. We came home and slept well (well, as well as was possible with the hot weather)

Sunday saw us up and out quite early, as it was bike buying time. Clare and I have been talking about buying bikes for each of us to go out riding, and with Halfords offering 10% off, today was the day. It took us about 3 hours, but we eventually managed to find bikes that we liked, that were in stock, and into the car (having taken them apart to fit them in) - putting them back together we still have bits missing, so I am expecting them to arrive by post anyday.

Then it was time for Aquatots, which was every so cool on a hot day, then off to Hastings.

hastings1 (12k image)

We spent a nice afternoon and evening walking up and down the pier, playing on the indoor play centre (Taylor, not us) having a paddle in the sea (Taylor again...) and a walk along the pebble beach, and then along to the amusements. Taylor had great fun on the rides, and then decided that we were going to go on the swan peddle boats, boy was hard work, I need some new knees. We had a bit of fun, trying to get away from boat number 9 that had a couple of kids in that wanted to bump us...

Fish and Chips for supper, and then I got the car and drove home while Clare and Taylor slept. I told you it was a busy weekend didn't I

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Thursday, September 4, 2003 : Isle of Wight

Taylor, Clare and I, spent two days visiting Clares Aunt Judy, and Uncle David, at their wonderful house on the Isle of Wight just recently. We all had a great time, although in a summer that has been just about 100% sun, we managed to pick the only two days that it rained, for our trip. Still, that didn't stop us enjoying ourselves.

train (34k image)

We had a day at BlackGang Chine and this is where Taylor had a great time, playing on the Dinosaurs, and Lions (!!), and walking around the various other attractions. He particularly liked the Train, and Stagecoach in the Wild West section.

We came back on the ferry Friday Night, ready for me to go to work on Saturday morning. Taylor and Clare slept all the way home. We had a great time, so thank you to Aunt Judy, and Uncle David.

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